E Museum

Item: Buckle, Civil war Surplus, Company “K” 2nd Missouri Rifles (Confederate)

Number: EC – 0000152A

Description: This is a brass buckle with inlay German silver carrying the letter “K”. It is identified with Company “K”, 2nd Missouri Rifle Regiment (Confederate) and was made available for issue to members of the Kemper Corps of Cadets when the school’s administration procured a surplus lot from the commercial source of Bannerman’s. In the photograph above at right, Kemper Military School, cadet S.G. Kennedy, KMS 1902 is shown wearing a variant of this buckle. His buckle is manufactured by the A. Mills Company and has a script “K” in place of a block letter “K”. He also holds a Krag Jorgenson rifle in the 1902 photograph titled, “The Corporals”.

The belt buckle above, with clipped corners, was made available through a gift after a lengthy search for this example. Echo Company has archived all belt buckles worn by the Kemper Corps of Cadets.

Donor: Dr. & Mrs. Homer Dwight Hardy III, Tulsa, Oklahoma