Dr. Warren Long

Dr. Warren Long was a 1944 graduate of Kemper Military School and later attended the University of Oklahoma where he earned several degrees including his “M.D.” certificate. Dr. Long’s devotion to Kemper and pride in the school have lasted his entire life. So much so that he sought and was elected to, the Board of Directors for Kemper Military School. During the time he was a member of the Board of Directors, “Doc Long” brought much needed medicine to the Board in the form of humor and introspection.

In the particularly difficult days prior to the school’s closing, Dr. Long continuously bolstered the spirits of his fellow Old Boys, amusing and motivating them, persuading them to rally and look ahead. It was Dr. Long who inspired and challenged the fledgling movement of Echo Company, Kemper Military School and convinced his longtime friend, Denver Jones, to accept the Presidency of the new organization.

Colorful, outspoken, witty, and exceptionally gifted of mind, Dr. Long has long used his wisdom to mentor and lead Echo Company for the benefit of all Old Boys. His example of service, sacrifice, devotion and hard work have been instrumental in forming a “can do” attitude for Echo Company, Kemper Military School, Inc.