Major Horace Smith

Major Horace Smith came to Kemper Military School as a member of the Office of the Professor of Military Science in 1961. He joined the staff as a member of the faculty and taught military tactics, customs and courtesies, skills he was particularly well suited to teach, given his veteran status of WWII. Smith adopted the KMS rifle team and developed skilled shooters which captured two national titles.

Upon his retirement from the US Army, Major Smith accepted a position with the Commandant’s office as the Assistant Commandant. In this capacity he began a second career which touched the lives of thousands more Kemper cadets. It was Major Smith who became known as a trusted mentor and fatherly figure to many members of the Corps.

Indeed Major Smith was such a proficient problem solver that the administration found his skills invaluable and used him in the capacity of “problem solver” for troubled areas within the school. Major Smith found himself operating the Quartermaster Store, and also serving as the Director of Alumni Affairs.

Perhaps no other figure in the history of Kemper had as good a reputation and such immediate recognition as Major Smith. His ability to identify Kemper Old Boys and recreate their years at Kemper endeared him to generations of Old Boys and insured that they stay connected with their old school. Major Smith was a founding member of Echo Company, Kemper Military School.