Kemper Military School

No other individual in the history of Kemper Military School did as much as Signe “Sig” Rokosky to insure the efficient, continuous day-to-day operation of the Military Science Department. Sig insured a continuous high standard of excellence while maintaining the dignity of the Officers and staff for whom she worked. If you were a cadet at Kemper, it was Sig who handled your reports, scores and grades. If you were in the senior ROTC program, it was Sig who managed your career, much of what you were never aware of.

For nearly thirty years Sig carefully prepared the reports, scheduled the appointments and worded letters of recommendation which made cadets look superior. She is a humble, caring, and deeply devoted person whose respect for the military reflected in everything she did.

While officers came and went, NCO’s served their tour of duty and deployed, it was Sig who was the constant, creating the sense of order and routine. Every officer created from the halls of Kemper from 1960 to the late 1980’s has Sig Rokosky to thank for the volumes of material she handled behind the scenes.