Mr. Charles P. Malone

"Do it yourself, don’t wait for others to do it for you. You’ll be more satisfied with the result and the outcome will be more to your liking!"

Charles P "Charlie" Malone is a native of Boonville, Missouri. He was raised in that community and graduated from Boonville High School. After enlisting in the US Army and serving with the 75th Infantry Division during WWII, he attended and graduated from the University of Missouri and entered the accounting profession in Boonville. Mr. Malone served his country with distinction and honor as a combat mortar man and was a participant in the "Battle of the Bulge". He was recently recognized by the French government for his actions to rescue French citizens during WWII.

After becoming a Certified Public Accountant, Mr. Malone served the community of Boonville for a number of years before joining the staff of Kemper Military School as a service to that school. Malone’s keen eye for business, common sense, and deep knowledge of accounting and all matters financial enabled the school to organize itself in bankruptcy. Mr. Malone served several presidents, his advice and counsel was instrumental in bringing a measure of dignity to Kemper when administration officials announced the school would close.

The humor of Mr. Malone, his candor, loyalty and brilliant mind earned him the respect of everyone in the last days of Kemper. All Kemper Old Boys owe him a measure of thanks for preserving so much of Kemper’s heritage and for preventing law suits and legal actions which would have prevented any Old Boy organization from ever taking shape. Mr. Charles P Malone was instrumental in forming the constructs which allowed Echo Company, Kemper Military School, Inc to organize and be placed on a solid financial footing.