Colonel Alfred M. Hitch

Colonel Hitch came to Kemper Military School as an instructor from the YMCA organization of Missouri. He so impressed Colonel T A Johnston with his simple, cool manner of handling matters that he quickly became one of Johnston’s most trusted advisors. Hitch served in various capacities within the school and found little time for anything outside academics which was his true passion. However, he did meet Bertha, daughter of Colonel T A Johnston and, after a courtship, they were married.

As Johnston grew older he began to study the members of his staff to determine his most likely successor. Hitch stood out as a firm, experienced, even-handed candidate who could manage the affairs of a school which had grown to international prominence.

Hitch assumed the position of executive officer of the school and was introduced to the administration of Kemper during the Great Depression. It was Hitch’s cool style and wise leadership which lead the school during the dangerous years of the depression and WWII. When other schools closed, Kemper prospered. Hitch became a model for his staff and faculty, demonstrating through his own example that character matters. He loved Kemper and devoted his life to the school he served so well.