Colonel John E. Gould

Colonel John E. Gould graduated from Kemper Military School in 1937 and went on to complete college studies at Norwich University. He was commissioned a second lieutenant in the US Cavalry and was assigned to a training brigade at Fort Riley, Kansas where a hand grenade detonated prematurely causing him to be permanently disabled. During his rehabilitation Colonel Gould returned for a visit to Kemper and was invited to join the faculty as a mathematics teacher of algebra. For the nearly fifty years which followed Colonel Gould served his old school in any way he could.

Colonel Gould accepted the position of Director of Alumni Affairs and began mailing cards to Old Boys each year on the occasion of their birthday. It was his custom to personally introduce himself to each new member of the Kemper Corps of Cadets. Gould loved Kemper, its history, heritage, customs and traditions so much that a substantial part of the archives which make up Echo Company, Kemper Military School were gifted to that organization from him.

One of the last undertakings which Gould completed in his final years was to realize a vision for a cavalry troop at Kemper, a dream he saw come true. Much of the history within Echo Company, Kemper Military School is a direct result of the foresighted generosity of Colonel Gould.

"Sadly missed by the Kemper Corps of Old Boys"