Colonel John G. Kralovec

Colonel Kralovec was a strong advocate of student youth-oriented leadership and propounded the Boy Scouts of America as a venue for Kemper to demonstrate superior leadership skills. He joined the staff of Kemper in 1927 as a college level physics instructor and high school mathematics teacher. It was once mused that Colonel Kralovec could “teach calculus to a fence post” an accolade intended to be a tribute. Colonel Kralovec was also heavily involved in the school’s athletic programs and coached football, basketball, and later, track.

During WWII he accepted the position of Professor of Military Science and Tactics at Kemper. From 1949-1958 he was Athletic Director and then Vice President, Treasurer, and Executive Officer until he retired in 1970. He was awarded the Silver Antelope and Silver Beaver by the BSA and was a Past Grand Night of the Knights of Columbus.

Colonel Kralovec was a particularly familiar face at Kemper and was a humble, loving man who cared deeply for Kemper and the cadets he looked after.

"Sadly missed by the Kemper Corps of Old Boys"