Mr. Jerry A McCutchin

A flamboyant Texas millionaire, Jerry McCutchin is a third generation Kemper Old Boy who came back to the school with the hope of restoring many of the customs and traditions which he saw as invaluable to the character building of cadets. The McCutchin family had consistently enrolled the young men of their family at Kemper almost as a right of passage and few Kemper families were as closely knitted to the school as was the McCutchin Clan.

The McCutchins have been ardent supporters of Kemper and Jerry McCutchin was at the forefront of preserving the heritage of the school. Jerry was elected to the Board of Directors and spent countless hours structuring and reconfiguring the school’s delicate financial plan to try and best serve the interests of the future. It was his strength, insight, personal skill, and financial ability which enabled the school to continue operations through the 60’s and 70’s.