Mr. John H Windsor, Jr

John Windsor attended Kemper 1943-45 and went on to attain a law degree from the University of Missouri in 1952, after serving in two branches of the armed forces: the US Navy during WWII and later with the US Air Force during Korea. Mr. Windsor joined the J A Bruening Company and rose through the ranks to become President in 1963.

Windsor was a soft-spoken "people person" who took particular delight in creating a harmonious working atmosphere where everyone worked together toward common goals. He was the son of John H Windsor who attended Kemper 1903-07 and later became a prominent Boonville attorney. His uncle, Wilbur C Windsor attended Kemper 1906-10 and was later the Chairman of the Board for Kemper. John’s cousin, Wilbur C Windsor, Jr attended Kemper 1936-39 and later became Kemper’s 11th President.

John so loved Kemper that he purchased the "old Kemper farm" and allocated its use each spring to the Corps for an annual encampment.