Major W.S. MacAaron

Major MacAaron so loved the Kemper Corps of Cadets which he served as Commandant that he set about a plan to introduce them to a new level of self order, self control, and self discipline. MacAaron, a graduate of West Point, was familiar with the cadet code of conduct which guides the students of that institution. He modified and ceremonialized the process to inaugurate what became known as the Standard of Honor.

Major MacAaron was Kemper’s longest serving Commandant and provided a steady, even style of management which transitioned the Corps from year to year. “Major Mac” did not introduce punishment to Kemper but he formalized it as a remedy to hazing which he saw as a cancer. Walking tours or area became so frequent that cadets came to joke about the punishment which no one wanted. It was MacAaron who introduced the “white rifle”, the thirty-pound pack, special area and other variations of the hated tours.

Surely there were few administrators who took their duties as seriously as MacAaron, who saw all the cadets of the school as his individual children.