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Professor Frederick T Kemper

Several books have been written about the founder of Kemper Military School and anything here would be insufficient to pay proper homage to the greatness of a man who dedicated his life to the improvement of the human condition. Kemper’s brother, General James Kemper, CSA was a distinguished officer of the Confederacy and later governor of Virginia.

F. T. Kemper was years ahead of his time in the employment of classroom innovation, teaching and learning techniques. He pioneered peer group study and defined state-of-the-art learning while combining a careful measure of respect for traditional ideas.

Kemper lived his life as an example to his fellow man and so inspired his students that the ideas he created within his school lived far beyond him. Professor Kemper is buried in Boonville, Missouri and each year his final resting place was visited by the students of the school he founded who, in turn, honored his memory and devotion.