Mr. Charlie Wells

An exceptionally gifted teacher, Charlie Wells came to Kemper in about 1965 and began teaching the sciences of zoology, biology, and earth science. He earned his degrees from the University of Missouri, Bachelor of Science, Education and Master of Science, Biology. He was a gifted, articulate, caring teacher who expected excellence from his students.

Wells intimidated his freshman new cadets until they learned the nuances of his subtle teaching style. Charlie’s dry Missouri humor was so clever that some cadets waited for each word the teacher shared with them.  Wells convinced his classes that an articulated human skeleton which was displayed in his classroom was that of a fourteen year old girl who had died of syphilis.  Another characteristic of Charlie Wells was his ability to carry on lecture even as he observed a cadet sleeping.  Wells would strike the desk in front of the student with a yardstick so loudly the cadet would nearly jump from his seat.

Charlie Wells found great humor in the questions of his students and loved teaching at Kemper where he enjoyed the freedom to discipline, teach, and nurture students in his own way.