Mr. Clark F King

Clark King received his Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics from the University of Missouri and went on to earn multiple degrees in chemistry from the University of Minnesota and, the University of Colorado. His hobby was collecting rare mathematic books (some of which rest in the Echo Company, Kemper Military School collection). During WW II he was an ambulance driver and served to evacuate wounded form forward battle areas.

His simple demeanor and humble style belied his deep affection for the cadets he taught and true love he felt for the art of teaching. Clark King, impeccably dressed, would often stop a class to tell an amusing story when he observed cadets seemed “overloaded”. King could put cadets at ease when he would tell them at the beginning of his course, “No one will fail my class unless you choose to fail my class!”

King was true to his word and so profound was his instruction that no cadet who was in attendance at the end of a semester in one of King’s classes ever failed.  King would spend countless hours in individual tutorial sessions with needy students to insure their success.  Clark King was among the first teachers to be nominated to the Kemper Hall of Fame.