Dean Keith M Eder 

Keith M Eder became a member of the Kemper Military School faculty in 1951 and was appointed as a full-time assistant dean of the school on September 1st of that year when his management and leadership skills became obvious to the administration of the school. Eder, a native of Freeport, Illinois received his Bachelor degree from Illinois State University and an MA degree from the University of Wisconsin.

Dean Eder taught algebra and was among the last of faculty to live in the “Kemper Apartments”. His humble approach, self deprecating humor and and brilliant solutions to complex problems elevated the academics of Kemper to a new level.  Loved by both faculty and cadets and seen as a problem solver with simple solutions,   Dean Eder initiated the system of disclosing class standings among cadets which served to create a dynamic new level of competition among them.

Dean Keith M Eder was unimposing, extremely conservative, deeply thoughtful and revered for his skilled and adept handling of administrative problems.  Eder was seriously wounded in an aircraft crash during WWII in which his fighter was disabled and forced to crash land.  On fire, and strapped into an inverted burning aircraft, Eder managed to escape with his life after being so severely injured in the ensuing fire that medical personnel felt assured he would die.  Instead Eder recovered but his wounds so disfigured him that he never wore a short sleeve shirt for the remainder of his life.