Irl M Lutz

He volunteered his time teaching cadets to fly, he volunteered his time recruiting students, he worked without salary for nearly a year when the school could not afford to pay the faculty. Such is the dedication and love of a simple Missouri farm boy who came to love the code of conduct and the Standard of Honor at Kemper.

Irl Lutz created a cult like following of cadets who became admired for the skills he taught them using a slide rule. Mr. Lutz’ classes were the only classes exempted from uniform codes when a special exemption granted them the right to wear a slide rule holster on their uniform.  It became a thing of pride to wear the holster to formation.

One cadet told a story of smoking during evening study hall. Lutz walked into the room and the cadet dropped the cigarette in his lap hoping not to be caught. Instead, Lutz engaged the cadet in all manner of conversation as the cigarette burned the cadets pants and skin.  Finally, Lutz left and the cadet danced an Irish jig. Years later Lutz recalled the story saying, “I wanted to laugh so bad it hurt!”