Mrs. Ruth “Ruthie” Roberts

She was a powerful woman, reared in a strict home, who found a deep sense of devotion to teaching at Kemper. Her skill and ability, combined with a unique capability at story telling endeared her to generations of cadets.  Ruthie was no slouch!  She came to Kemper in 1944 after earning her degree in economics from the University of Wisconsin.  She subsequently earned degrees in French, Business, and Accounting from SW Missouri State and a Masters degree in economics from her Alma Matter in Wisconsin.

Ruth Roberts was a living caricature who chain smoked Camel cigarettes and caused students to be held spellbound waiting for the ash to fall from the burning tip. Her genuine care for the boys she taught was without question.  Her reputation as a difficult taskmaster was passed from one cadet to another each year with warnings such as, “Whatever you do, don’t fall asleep in her class!” or “Ruthie won’t tolerate poor posture in her classes!”

Ruthie loved the cadets and lived for teaching them, including an annual trip to France she organized each year. She was the Chair of the National Honor Society, T A Johnston Chapter, and was an amateur historian collecting many early pieces of Missouri history which were donated to the state upon her death.

Ruth Roberts passed away June 13th 2002 but she lives on in the hearts and minds of thousands of Kemper Old Boys who fondly remember her. She is a member of the Kemper Hall of Fame, Faculty Wing.


Sadly  missed by cadets and fellow faculty of Kemper Military School.