Steven L. McCollum

Steven L. McCollum joined the faculty of Kemper Military School in 1966 and was assigned teaching duties in business law and social studies. McCollum, held membership in the Missouri National Guard and was activated in 1967 for service in the Federal Republic of Germany. Upon his return and release from active duty, McCollum resumed teaching at Kemper.

Steve’s thoughtful ability to listen and solicit cadets views on subjects earned him respect. He was one of the most visible and accessible members of the Kemper faculty. His fundamental grasp of leadership inside and outside the classroom generated a near cult like following of cadets who practically insisted that underclassmen take his courses.

Indeed McCollum was one of many Kemper faculty who seemed to enjoy listening to cadet conversations about music, girls, cars, and concerns. His wisdom and classroom strength carried him to Joplin, Missouri where he joined the faculty of the public school system there.