Mr. Steven R McAllister

Steven R “Steve” McAllister graduated from Southeast Missouri State University at Cape Girardeau in June 1962 with a Bachelor of Science degree in education, he minored in history and political science. When employed by Kemper Military School he was provided a faculty room in “A” barracks where he lived for several years.

Steve McAllister thirsted for education and never stopped his determined quest for self improvement.  He subsequently earned his Master’s degree from the University of Missouri where he so impressed university officials he was offered (but refused) employment there.  Like Irl Lutz, McAllister volunteered untold number of hours to the school often spending his evenings in the library to offer help with studies. In the summers he would travel the Midwest and recruit students for Kemper.

When Kemper fell upon hard times McAllister was among the first to forego pay in an effort to keep the school solvent. His determination, love of Kemper, and strong admiration for the principles on which the school were founded earned him the unending respect of all Kemper Old Boys.