Terrence M Ledgerwood

Terrence M “Terry” Ledgerwood was born and raised in Indiana where he attended Loogootee High School in Loogootee, Indiana and graduated in 1955. Terry enlisted in the US Navy after high school and served for three years, two of which were in French Morocco. He had extensive service aboard the USS Zellars and was particularly well traveled for a his age.

Ledgerwood enrolled at the University of Missouri where he earned a Bachelors degree in Education and MA degree in History. On the same day JFK was assassinated he interviewed for a teaching position at Kemper and was employed by Kemper in January of 1964. Terry Ledgerwood taught at Kemper for the next ten years and earned deep respect from his students. His no nonsense style was appreciated and honest.

Mr. Ledgerwood’s classroom discipline was legendary for its simplicity and humor. Once, a student had fallen asleep during a lecture and, true to form, Terry Ledgerwood picked up a chalk filled eraser and threw it at the sleeping cadet without missing his place in the notes of his lecture.  Often it was easy to tell who had fallen asleep in class by the chalk dust pattern on a cadets uniform.

Today, Mr. Terry Ledgerwood lives in Boonville with his wife of forty years, Dianna. Since retiring nearly ten years ago the Ledgerwood family volunteers in the Boonville area. Terry and Dianna have three daughters and four grandchildren. Upon notice of intent to create a Kemper Faculty Hall of Fame his was among the first to be submitted for such an honor.