Coach C. A. “Clarence & Cling” Clingenpeel


Simply put Clingenpeel loved winning and proved it with teams that consistently grabbed top honors.  He coached three state championship football teams from Kemper and so advanced football that the University of Missouri regularly sent their coaching staff to Kemper for pointers and tips on how to play the game. C.A. Climenpeel came to Kemper Military School in 1918 after graduating from Central College with a degree in mathematics. Instantly he was named the football head coach and soon took responsibility for the baseball team until ultimately earning the title, “head coach, all athletics”.

Clingenpeel was deeply respected by the cadets he coached and taught. His care, dedication and love of the school never faltered and, when he was introduced during half time at a football game in 1974, the cadets cheered him though Clinenpeel had retired teaching years earlier and had not been a member of the faculty of Kemper in nearly forty years.  Clinenpeel, tears in his eyes, recalled that coaching football at Kemper was indeed the highest honor he had ever known.

Though no Old Boy living today can recall playing for C.A. Clingenpeel, his skills were legendary and he lives on as the winningest coach in Kemper history. For his love of Kemper, devotion to the Kemper Corps of Cadets and pride in his athletic teams, Coach C.A. Clingenpeel is named to the Kemper Faculty Hall of Fame, named as an Honorary Kemper Old Boy, and appointed athletic coach to the Eternbal Corps of Cadets.

The Corps of Cadets salutes Clarence A Clingenpeel