Colonel Al Whittle III, USA Ret.

Al Whittle came to Kemper as a highly decorated and well respected infantry officer with years of combat experience. Kemper only added to his resume which took him to Korea and eventually the Pentagon. Whittle went on to design and develop force deployment strategies which are still used today by the US Army.

Whittle, while at Kemper, improved upon the Kemper Raiders and so changed training that for a three year span from 1972-1975 Kemper cadets won top honors at senior ROTC summer camp. Whittle found no time for the mischief of cadets and insisted on training in a cost conscious environment. His wisdom and skills imparted a maturity and responsibility into the Kemper senior cadet leadership which lasted for years even after his departure.

In 2008 Colonel Al Whittle was named to the Force Managers Hall of Fame. Colonel Al Whittle was a principal designer of what became the Organizational Integrator approach to Force Management, and the concept of centralized documentation of unit requirements and authorizations. He also oversaw the collocation of separate documentation agencies which eventually merged into USAFMSA. He served in key FM leadership positions in the US, Korea, and at the Pentagon, culminating in his assignment as DCS Force Development, US Army Reserve Command, where he established force management policies and procedures still in use today. Colonel Whittle retired in 1992. Colonel and Mrs. Whittle came up from their home in Florida for the induction ceremony, and several family members and friends also attended The Chief of the Army Reserve, Lieutenant General Jack C. Stultz, was also on hand to congratulate COL Whittle.