Dean Bernhard W. Hartman

Dean Hartman served on the Kemper faculty from 1944-50 and again from 1958-60 as a teacher of high school and college chemistry in the Science Department. He also made significant contributions to the athletic program as assistant football coach and as head coach in other major and minor sports teams.

Bernard W “Bernie” Hartman was graduated from Northeast Missouri State Teachers College with a Bachelor of Science degree in teaching in 1942. He joined the faculty of Kemper in 1944  and taught until 1950 when he was granted sabbatical. He earned his MS degree from the University of Kansas City in 1957 and rejoined the faculty of Kemper Military School in 1958. While teaching high school and college level chemistry he earned his Doctorate from the University of Missouri.

Hartman brought critical thinking skills into his classrooms and instilled a deep appreciation among cadets for the science of chemistry and laboratory work. So profound were his skills that he was recruited away from Kemper for a brief period to help build the science departments of both the University of Kansas City and the University of Missouri.

Hartman was admired by cadets because of his calm, cool style of leadership which permeated throughout the Corps of Cadets.  It was Dean Hartman, working in concert with Dean Eder, who collectively devised a system of ranking classroom performance. Cadets were able to tell on a weekly basis what their class standing was and thus, they competed even the more for higher merit.