Professor Frank Arnold

Chair, English Department

Professor Arnold was born about 1921 in Waukegan, Illinois. Prior to WWII he attended and graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder, where he earned several degrees. In 1943, after having been considered and refused for military service, Frank Arnold joined the faculty of Kemper Military School and was assigned as an instructor in the mathematics department.  Frank Arnold was fluent in several languages and carefully protected the English language by requiring cadets to be mindful of basic rules in the use of English every day.  Professor Arnold was often characterized as having a “razor like wit” or of using the English language “like the point of a rapier”. He was patient, understanding, and an admired mentor who made a concerted effort to know his students.

Arnold became immersed in the traditions and culture of Kemper.  He was an active 32nd degree Mason and held various positions with that organization in the State of Missouri. Arnold was a staunch Kemper supporter and during the last years of the school’s existence he made a valiant effort to raise the necessary capital to keep the school operating. The Masonic Order became a great part of Frank and Ruth Arnold’s lives in later years.   


To Frank Arnold, we pay honor.

Deeply missed by the Cadets and fellow Faculty of Kemper Military School.