Coach H B Davis

Coach H B Davis came to Kemper Military School with his young family and accepted a position with the faculty to teach social studies and assist with the Kemper Military School football team - the Yellowjackets.  Coach Davis graduated from Kansas State College in Pittsburg, Kansas.  He played football and track at Joplin Junior College prior to transfering. He had the honor of receiving All American both years while playing fullback at Joplin as well as setting a state Junior College record in the long jump.

 It did not take Davis long to understand the importance of winning against arch rivals and Davis set about building a football team which recaptured the glory of the last Kemper State Campion team, the 1921 Yellowjackets. It had been years since Kemper had beaten Missouri Military Academy to capture the “gold football” but that is precisely what Davis and his inspired coaching ability did.

More important than football was his determination to embrace the ideals of the School’s founder, Frederick T Kemper, and Coach Davis set about this task.  With amazing ability, skill, and love for his students Coach Davis lived the standard that the object of education at Kemper was not simply to make scholars but to build men.  In his few short years at Kemper, Coach Davis restored a sense of winning within the athletic programs. He inspired and motivated hundreds (if not thousands) of young men and left a proud legacy of achievement at Kemper.

Coach Davis was the first coach to be elected to the Kemper Hall of Fame, and the first coach to be elected to Echo Company, Kemper Military School.  He is an original formation member of Echo Company, Kemper Military School where he still has a legion of loyal supporters and admirers.