The Echo Company supply room is operated as a service to our members. Suggested donations are indicated at right and all proceeds serve to strengthen the Echo Company Foundation. Postage and handling are included. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery:

Post Cards

Our post cards are postally unused reprints of original cards which are suitable for framing. Each measures approximately 4.25”X 5.5”. Where indicated the cards are in color, otherwise black & white.

Post Cards
Price ($)
(1373b) Multi-toned Kemper color guard circa 1957 (color)
(4567d) Contemporary Kemper Front, circa 1966 (color)
(6565a) Original photo of “B” barracks circa 1903
(3976k) Cadets in room “C” barracks circa 1948
(2330F) Contemporary Kemper front, cannons, circa 1975 (color)
(2330G) Original photo of Administration building, fire drill circa 1907
(3107D) Original photo cannons being fired by cadets circa 1909
(2205E) Contemporary photo, cadets on parade, circa 1962



These photos were purchased at auction and represent a fine addition to your Kemper Military School collection of memorabilia. These are reprints (originals remain in Echo Company archives), and are reproduced to exacting detail using the most modern methods. Framed and ready to display, a perfect gift.

Price ($)

(1212K) Framed photo of TA Johnston wearing uniform (black & white) circa 1922, approximately 14” X 20” matted and mounted in fine wood frame, preserved under UV glass.


(3456D) ID’d photo of Kemper cadet (carte de viste, or CDV) wearing original Kemper made confederate (Will Rogers) tunic, black & white, circa 1879-1883, approximately 2” X 5” photo, framed and matted 6” X 10”
(3339S) Last photo of Kemper Board of Directors in front of Kemper Military School flag, color, framed & matted, circa 2001, approximately 14” X 20”



Oddss & Ends
Price ($)
(8876H) Coffee cup, approx. 10 oz., with crest and “ Kemper Military School”
(6565P) T-Shirt, Large Only, Dixie grey with Kemper crest and Echo company logo, “We are Ready” on breast
(4567F) Hand sewn Kemper Guidon, swallow tailed, gold lettering on black with gold trim, reads correctly from one side only, “Kemper” in center, approximately 24” X 30” (please allow additional order time
(3434G) Confederate battle flag, contemporary, nylon 2’ X 3’
(4567K) VHS recruiting tape, Kemper Military School, circa 1998, color, approximately 15-20 minutes in length, includes interviews with cadets and full parade review
(8787N) One page printed pamphlet, Kemper Military School, recruiting brochure
(7456K) 3.5’ X 6’ deluxe handmade Kemper Military School nylon flag, exact detail from original specifications, reinforced edges with fringe, through fly, reads correctly from one side only, nice colors and old world craftsmanship, please allow additional order time (up to six months)
(8991G) 1944 Norman Rockwell commemorative to Kemper’s 100th anniversary, this is a twelve month calendar for any year you would like (please specify year or current year will be used)
(1221J) Back issues of the “Yellowjacket” two available, per copy
(3443S) Back issues of the “ECHO” five available, per copy, available to members only
(7676R) Original Kemper brick, limited while supply lasts
(8141L) Cup, juice or beverage, with Kemper crest and yellowjacket
(1929M) Kemper baseball cap, black with letter “K” over bill one size fits all adjustment band

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If you see an item you would like please let us know. Echo Company accepts your personal check only. If you do not see an item listed it does not mean we don’t have it (we even have a couple of lock boxes). We can’t list every item here so just write and we’ll be happy to scrounge the warehouse for it.

Items will only be shipped to registered members of Echo company. DD Lombard, Supply Specialist. Sergeant Major McTavish says he doesn’t care what you do with your order after you get it but only Echo Company members may order from the supply room.